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Peace During A Time of Uncertainty

Currently, we are all in uncharted territory, due to the pandemic with Covid-19, which could lead to an increase in symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety can originate from many different areas and at times it is difficult to pinpoint the origin. Anxiety is defined in the Webster’s Dictionary as apprehension and/or fear about anticipated events. In other words, we find ourselves worrying about things that haven’t happened thus causing physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms to become more exaggerated. Some possible symptoms are over emotional responses, muscle tension, stomach ache, sweating, rapid heartbeat, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, and/or inability to focus.

With the increase in symptoms of anxiety and the inability to perform our previous routines that created stability for us, we have been forced to adapt to a new way of life. For some being confined in their homes unable to interact with family and friends in a physical state creates a sense of isolation, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, forcing us to now rely on technology to fill those needs through video calls, texting, social media, and phone calls. During this time, it’s not necessary to develop a whole business plan and be ready to conquer the world. The most important thing to take from this time is to take care of your mental, physical, and emotional well being. Your job is to focus on coming out of this situation in a state of peace for you.

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